Sky watching – What it teaches about life

Wouldn’t life be peaceful as the sky, a question that often arises when I look at the beautiful blue sky.

But the question, Is the sky really peaceful ? The Creator has designed the sky with a series of events happening every now and then. The beautiful sunrise, the drizzling showers , the glittering stars ,the magnificent rainbow 🌈 , the thunder, the lightning, the storm and yet there is peace after all these events.

Our lives though running on and off in a state of chaos may turn out to be at an unimaginable state of peace at times.Thats when we need to rejoice the beauty of life that has been blessed . Identifying this helps us to handle both the positives and negatives that comes along our way .

Fight the inner emptiness by reloading your brain

Fight the loneliness by not making yourself free

Find your worth by trying to be yourself and not bending too much

Life keeps moving.And that’s perfectly okay but changes are always a way to mould and grow !

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Coffee and life

I am a coffee person and I brainstorm ideas only when I have my coffee and I do take it seriously.Well it prepares me of what’s ahead of me and let’s me contemplate on what I’ve left behind. There’s so much in a cup.

Coffee and it’s connection to life ? It’s undeniable that a cup of coffee has even life lessons to offer.

Everybody’s cup isn’t perfect so is everyone’s life ! You want to make your coffee stronger ,you add more of coffee powder/decoction but sometimes your coffee just starts getting bitter on the course of making it stronger . Sometimes you bear the taste and get used to it and at other times you just can’t stand a strong coffee. Changes are what make life stronger. When you keep on adding more values to life , it enhances be a new job, be a promotion at work, be a good grade. But at times the values that life teaches may have a negative impact thereby making the coffee bitter !

You may not like the coffee that I have and the vice versa.I like a strong one, while my mother likes a lighter one.On the other hand my father takes it plain without milk.In the end to each their own coffee.. Every person is not the same as you.Judginh and perceiving things on what you see will not take us further, instead learn to appreciate what’s in for you and other. Biased statements and passing judgements will never promote a healthy relationship at the workplace and at home.

Coffee be it hot or cold, it’s best enjoyed when you’re alone.Me time is what everyone craves for in this busy world. Being a woman it is just insanely impossible to get a few hours break from the chaos that runs through out the day.But sometimes a desire to pause few moments to relax and unwind helps you keep going.
Rejuvenation is the key to a happy you.Pause and play whenever it’s necessary and whether you like your coffee hot or cold.Just find a cozy corner everyday to reflect and move on further.

A lot can happen over coffee is what I read everytime on cafe coffee day outlets. So there are no hard and fast rules for having a coffee . You want to have a coffee .Have it. You want it alone.Have it. With a friend .Have it.But just make sure that you enjoy it!

Life is simple ! It’s us who complicate.

Fill your life with experiences so that you can tell the world stories .

How do I hear my inner voice : Being a Woman

Often there are times , when you are disturbed by a small voice that either tries to help you or trap you into a pothole .You can never feel it through your brain , but your heart !

And its more challenging being a woman trying to listen to your inner voice amidst the dominant voices all over .The voice that’s hard to put in words , but helps you take a life-changing and challenging decision.

However there are times when you are overwhelmed with a mixed bag of explosive emotions and its too late when you identify your inner voice and by the time you start to listen you realize that EVERYTHING IS JUST OVER !

The crucial part is when you choose to overcome your fear and replace it with your curiosity to move forth ! That’s where almost everyone fails ! Affirm that everything is just going to be okay and every problem comes with a user manual and there is nothing uncontrollable that exists !

Remember to follow your gut feeling ! Else your inner voice may just be a bystander in your life

Act Right ! Tell on the face , So that one day a few years later from now there wont be anyone drying out tears and losing the inner voice inside ,that was once strong and fierce!

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